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Speck Riserva: 100% Italian production chain

Animal welfare, artisanal method and quality control

Animal welfare

Always proud of our rural origins, our company boasts an internal 100% Italian breeding, slaughtering and processing chain. Currently our agricultural company manages three fattening stables where only heavy Italian pigs are bred - according to the most modern animal welfare standards. The breeding is based on life cycles that follow natural rhythms and takes place in large spaces, offering pigs also the opportunity to go outside. All pigs are fed naturally with a cereal-based vegetable diet.

Artisanal method

Faithful to our origins, we always put excellence first: all our Speck Riserva are processed by the skilled hands of the master butchers who still follow recipes and processing methods handed down by the wisdom of grandfather Tito. Once cold-smoked with only beech wood, we add only two fundamental elements to the heavy pig's thigh: time and wind, dry and delicate which has always blown over the Dolomites and which accompanies our Speck on a long journey of maturation of at least 12 months.

Quality control

Our Speck Riserva - National production chain is an extremely controlled product, linked to a long and rigid production process which ends with a careful examination of the quality standards. After a careful analysis of the organoleptic and olfactory characteristics, only the thighs selected by our evaluation team are subsequently branded with the "Tito - Filiera Italiana" brand. Quality confirmed also by the recent recognition of the magazine "Gambero Rosso" which has identified in our one of the two best artisanal Specks in Italy: a further guarantee certificate for our consumers, which certifies the absolute excellence and authenticity of the product.

Riserva of Tito Speck

Speck ham Riserva whole piece

Speck ham Riserva

whole piece, 7 kg

139,30 €
19,90 €/kg
Speck ham Riserva half piece

Speck ham Riserva

half piece, 3,5 kg

80,15 €
22,90 €/kg
Speck ham Riserva quarter piece

Speck ham Riserva

quarter piece, 1,1 kg

27,39 €
24,90 €/kg
Speck ham Riserva core piece

Speck ham Riserva

core piece, 600 g

17,70 €
29,50 €/kg
Speck ham Riserva sliced

Speck ham Riserva

sliced, 120 g

5,10 €
42,50 €/kg
Speck ham Riserva squared whole piece

Speck ham Riserva squared

whole piece, 4 kg

79,60 €
19,90 €/kg
Speck ham Riserva squared half piece

Speck ham Riserva squared

half piece, 2 kg

45,80 €
22,90 €/kg
“Speck fiocco Riserva” whole piece

“Speck fiocco Riserva”

whole piece, 2,5 kg

59,75 €
23,90 €/kg
“Speck fiocco Riserva” half piece

“Speck fiocco Riserva”

half piece, 1,1 kg

26,29 €
23,90 €/kg
“Speck di mezzena” half piece

“Speck di mezzena”

half piece, 6 kg

137,40 €
22,90 €/kg