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Smoked & stewed specialities by Tito Speck

The range of our handmade products includes a wide selection of traditional stewed and slightly smoked specialities, made with the best ingredients.

Farmer's ham quarter piece

Farmer's ham

quarter piece, 2 kg

35,80 €
17,90 €/kg
Farmer's ham piece

Farmer's ham

piece, 800 g

14,32 €
17,90 €/kg
Stewed pork belly bacon piece

Stewed pork belly bacon

piece, 360 g

5,72 €
15,90 €/kg
Smoked and stewed loin piece

Smoked and stewed loin

piece, 600 g

9,54 €
15,90 €/kg
Smoked and stewed loin slices

Smoked and stewed loin

slices, 250 g

3,98 €
15,90 €/kg
Smoked pork ribs 2 piece pack

Smoked pork ribs

2 piece pack, 800 g

7,92 €
9,90 €/kg
Smoked pork knuckle 1 portion

Smoked pork knuckle

1 portion, 1 kg

9,50 €
9,50 €/kg
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