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Tito Speck online shop Regional meat specialities

Cold meat specialities from Val di Fiemme

At Tito Speck you will find a wide selection of seasoned cold meats. All prepared with great passion, working only the best pieces of meat and following the traditional family recipes. Order them from the comfort of your home!

Pork belly bacon “Pancetta” whole piece

Pork belly bacon “Pancetta”

whole piece, 5 kg

74,50 €
15,90 €/kg
Pork belly bacon “Pancetta” half piece

Pork belly bacon “Pancetta”

half piece, 3 kg

47,70 €
15,90 €/kg
Pork belly bacon “Pancetta” piece

Pork belly bacon “Pancetta”

piece, 450 g

7,16 €
15,90 €/kg
Cheek bacon “Guanciale” whole piece

Cheek bacon “Guanciale”

whole piece, 3 kg

44,70 €
14,90 €/kg
Cheek bacon “Guanciale” half piece

Cheek bacon “Guanciale”

half piece, 500 g

7,45 €
14,90 €/kg
“Lardo Tirolese” piece

“Lardo Tirolese”

piece, 250 g

3,73 €
14,90 €/kg
Matured “Coppa” piece

Matured “Coppa”

piece, 700 g

13,23 €
18,90 €/kg
Smoked “Coppa” piece

Smoked “Coppa”

piece, 400 g

7,56 €
18,90 €/kg
Smoked pork tenderloin piece

Smoked pork tenderloin

piece, 390 g

11,31 €
29,00 €/kg
Bresaola piece


piece, 350 g

10,33 €
29,50 €/kg
Bresaola Punta d'anca piece

Bresaola Punta d'anca

piece, 1,5 kg

44,25 €
29,50 €/kg
Deer ham piece

Deer ham

piece, 200 g

9,98 €
49,90 €/kg
Wild boar ham piece

Wild boar ham

piece, 350 g

10,47 €
29,90 €/kg
“Carne Salada” piece

“Carne Salada”

piece, 700 g

16,03 €
22,90 €/kg
Raw ham “Culatta” whole piece

Raw ham “Culatta”

whole piece, 4 kg

87,60 €
21,90 €/kg
Raw ham “Culatta” half piece

Raw ham “Culatta”

half piece, 2 kg

43,80 €
21,90 €/kg
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