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Tito Speck Riserva

“Tito Speck Riserva”

“Tito Speck Riserva”: long seasoning, unique flavour

finest raw meat from our own, humanely reared animals

The Speck ham "Tito Speck Riserva", produced with selected legs of pure national pork, has a right marbling of fat that gives the product a delicate and sweet taste; soft after 10 months aging.

Trimmed with a knife in the shape of a shield, delicately smoked with aromatic beech wood: the result is a Speck ham with a long seasoning, an unmistakable flavour, tasty but delicate at the same time.

As for wine, the term "Riserva" indicates products of exceptional quality and taste. On the occasion of a blind tasting of the best 120 Italian artisanal Speck hams, organized by one of the most important Italian food and wine magazines "Gambero Rosso", the “Speck Riserva” by Tito was ranked second.

Tito Speck Riserva
Products of the “Tito Speck Riserva” line
Speck ham Riserva whole piece

Speck ham Riserva

whole piece, 7 kg

139,30 €
19,90 €/kg
Speck ham Riserva half piece

Speck ham Riserva

half piece, 3,5 kg

80,15 €
22,90 €/kg
Speck ham Riserva quarter piece

Speck ham Riserva

quarter piece, 1,1 kg

27,39 €
24,90 €/kg
Speck ham Riserva core piece

Speck ham Riserva

core piece, 600 g

17,70 €
29,50 €/kg
Speck ham Riserva sliced

Speck ham Riserva

sliced, 120 g

5,10 €
42,50 €/kg
Speck ham Riserva squared whole piece

Speck ham Riserva squared

whole piece, 4 kg

79,60 €
19,90 €/kg
Speck ham Riserva squared half piece

Speck ham Riserva squared

half piece, 2 kg

45,80 €
22,90 €/kg
“Speck fiocco Riserva” whole piece

“Speck fiocco Riserva”

whole piece, 2,5 kg

59,75 €
23,90 €/kg
“Speck fiocco Riserva” half piece

“Speck fiocco Riserva”

half piece, 1,1 kg

26,29 €
23,90 €/kg
“Speck di mezzena” half piece

“Speck di mezzena”

half piece, 6 kg

137,40 €
22,90 €/kg