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Good food from Val di Fiemme

“Tito Speck Tradizionale”

The classic line of Tito Speck: perfect balance of flavours and fragrances

Tito Speck Riserva

"Tito Speck Traditionale" offers Speck ham and matured cold meat according to the age-old recipes of the Braito family. The speck "Tito Speck Traditionale" is produced with carefully selected parts of pork leg and represents a perfect combination of traditional flavours and aromas.

“Speck” is a cured ham with a light smoky aroma, which is developed with the use of aromatic wood and which has a maturing period of 7 months on average. We produce our Speck ham with a very balanced tanning of natural aromas and spices, derived from recipes passed from father to son over many generations. The result is a Speck ham with perfect seasoning and a delicate taste which reflects traditional flavours. Smoking has always been used to give flavour to food, intensify its colour and, of course, to preserve it.

For the light smoking of our products we use selected beech wood while for salting and flavouring we rely on the secrets of an ancient tradition: the pure air of Val di Fiemme, salt, pepper, bay leaf, rosemary and juniper contribute to make fragrances and flavours intense.

Tito Speck Tradizionale
Products of the “Tito Speck Tradizionale” line
Speck ham Tradizionale whole piece

Speck ham Tradizionale

whole piece, 5 kg

69,50 €
13,90 €/kg
Speck ham Tradizionale half piece

Speck ham Tradizionale

half piece, 3,5 kg

66,15 €
18,90 €/kg
Speck ham Tradizionale quarter piece

Speck ham Tradizionale

quarter piece, 900 g

17,01 €
18,90 €/kg
Speck ham Tradizionale core piece

Speck ham Tradizionale

core piece, 500 g

11,45 €
22,90 €/kg
Speck ham Tradizionale squared whole piece

Speck ham Tradizionale squared

whole piece, 4,5 kg

62,55 €
13,90 €/kg
Speck ham Tradizionale squared half piece

Speck ham Tradizionale squared

half piece, 2,25 kg

42,53 €
18,90 €/kg
Speck ham Tradizionale sliced

Speck ham Tradizionale

sliced, 150 g

4,80 €
32,00 €/kg
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