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“Gambero rosso” award

Awarded: Tito Speck from Val di Fiemme

2nd prize for the products of Tito Speck

Tito Speck store

During a blind tasting organized by the renowned magazine "Gambero Rosso", the Speck ham "Tito Speck Riserva" won the 2nd place among the best 120 Italian artisan Speck hams. For us, this means that the passion and dedication we employ in the continuous search for quality make the difference.

“Tito Speck Riserva” line
Products of the “Tito Speck Riserva” line
Speck ham Riserva whole piece

Speck ham Riserva

whole piece, 7 kg

139,30 €
19,90 €/kg
Speck ham Riserva half piece

Speck ham Riserva

half piece, 3,5 kg

80,15 €
22,90 €/kg
Speck ham Riserva quarter piece

Speck ham Riserva

quarter piece, 1,1 kg

25,19 €
27,39 €/kg
Speck ham Riserva core piece

Speck ham Riserva

core piece, 600 g

16,74 €
27,90 €/kg
Speck ham Riserva sliced

Speck ham Riserva

sliced, 120 g

4,80 €
40,00 €/kg
Speck ham Riserva squared whole piece

Speck ham Riserva squared

whole piece, 4 kg

79,60 €
19,90 €/kg
Speck ham Riserva squared half piece

Speck ham Riserva squared

half piece, 2 kg

45,80 €
22,90 €/kg
“Speck fiocco Riserva” whole piece

“Speck fiocco Riserva”

whole piece, 2,3 kg

50,37 €
21,90 €/kg
“Speck fiocco Riserva” half piece

“Speck fiocco Riserva”

half piece, 1,1 kg

24,09 €
21,90 €/kg
“Speck di mezzena” half piece

“Speck di mezzena”

half piece, 6 kg

131,40 €
21,90 €/kg
“Speck di mezzena” piece

“Speck di mezzena”

piece, 600 g

13,15 €
21,90 €/kg
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